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About the webinar:
Serological testing as an aid in the diagnosis of atopy initially had a poor reputation amongst veterinary dermatologists. This was based on the poor specificity of the early tests and inconsistent correlation with intradermal tests.
Over time however and with the development of improved test performance the utility of these tests has now become widely recognised and they are used extensively by general practitioners and specialists to select allergens for immunotherapy.

Serological testing for dietary hypersensitivity had a similarly poor initial reception. This was based partly on the performance of some of the early tests and a lack of understanding of the use and interpretation of the test results.
The value of these tests however is now becoming increasingly recognised. This has been helped both by the availability of better tests and improved understanding of the meaning and application of the results. As a result, many patients’ signs can now be well controlled using diets selected on the basis of these results.

In this webinar Dr Nick Carmichael, a clinical pathologist who has more than 20 years experience of serological testing in atopy and dietary hypersensitivity, reviews the science behind dietary hypersensitivity, the serology tests currently available and outlines a practical approach to using and interpreting the results in practice.